The Whole Gifted Child Survey

The National Association for Gifted Children seeks your input regarding what you think it means to be a Whole Gifted Child. As part of Dr. George Betts’ NAGC Presidential Initiative, the Whole Gifted Child Taskforce was formed to investigate the whole child movement and how it might apply to gifted children.

To obtain as much input as possible from a wide variety of constituents, one project is to create a crowdsourced definition. To accomplish this, a brief survey was created. This survey consists of TWO questions:

  1. What is your primary role in relation to gifted and talented children?
  2. What does it mean to be a Whole Gifted Child?

To complete the survey, please CLICK HERE

Participation is voluntary, and you must be at least 18 years old. Also, please share this information with anyone that has an interest in gifted and talented children.

Should you have any questions regarding the survey please contact Dr. Brian Housand at

Should you have any questions regarding the work of the Whole Gifted Child Taskforce, please contact the chair of that group, Dr. Angela Housand at

Thank you for your time and all that you do for the gifted!