Qualifications and Responsibilities


Successful candidate will serve a two-year term, beginning on September 1, 2020.


The following qualifications are evaluated by the Elections Committee to develop a slate of candidates for this position:

♦ Participation in and support of the National Association for Gifted Children. Criteria for consideration include:

  • Nominee must be an NAGC member in good standing
  • Nominee must have served on the Board for one full term in the past 10 years
  • NAGC convention attendance
  • Presentation at NAGC conventions
  • NAGC committee participation
  • Evidence of competency in gifted education

♦ Support of and contributions to the field of gifted education (e.g., books, monographs, creative contributions)

♦ Demonstrated advocacy and leadership experience (e.g., starting a parent group, starting a local association for the gifted)

♦ Other Board experience, examples of Board-level governance service, policy writing experience preferred


  • Serve as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee.
  • Obtain authority as an authorized signer on checks and contracts.
  • Create and maintain policies related to the budget, audit, investment, financial controls and fiscal management philosophies.
  • Lead the Finance and Audit Committee in a review of any contracts for which the value is great than $50,000; the contract spans multiple years and has a value of more than$10,000 per year; the contract has financial implications of more than $10,000 and was not included in the annual budget.
  • Oversee, in consultation with staff, the budget development and monitoring process.