Parenting for High Potential

Parenting for High Potential is the quarterly magazine designed for parents and others working to support and guide their gifted children at home and at school.




June 2017

  • The Power of the Muses:  What Parents Can Learn from the Ancient Greeks by Kelly Lynne Harris
  • How Parents Can Nurture a Lifelong Love of the Arts by Kathryn P. Haydon
  • Full STEAM Ahead! by Carol Fisher
  • A Slice of Hamilton! by Dr. Christine Deitz and Dr. Ann Robinson
  • Music Mentorship and the Case of Gustavo Dudamel by Joan Franklin Smutny
  • Untapping East African Youths’ Creative Potential by Dr. Margaretta Swigert-Gacheru
  • Providing Authentic Art Experiences Through Competition by Joan Franklin Smutny
  • Pirouette! Leap! Soar! by Jerry Flack
March 2017 Parenting for High Potential

March 2017


December 2016

A special issue edited by Kimberley Chandler, BOD Network Representative and authored by the NAGC Networks

  • Beyond Recitals and Refrigerator Art: Encouraging Your Young Artist by Clar M. Baldus and Hope E. Wilson, Arts
  • Mastery-Based Learning: Is it Good for Gifted Learners by Jennifer Riedl Cross and Stephen Schroth, Conceptual Foundations
  • Making Happiness and Health a Priority by Micah N. Bruce-Davis, Counseling & Guidance
  • Imagine the Possibilities! Parent-Teacher Partnerships to Ensure Curricular Success by Heidi Weber and Leighann Pennington, Curriculum Studies
  • What a Child Doesn't Learn by Tracy Inman, Parent & Community
  • Research Roundup for Parents by Joanne R. Funk, Chandra Floyd, Cindy M. Gilson, Katherine M. Kapustka, and Feiye Yew, Research & Evaluation
  • Finding Your Child's Best Educational Fit by Ellen Honeck and Anne Johnson, Special Schools & Programs


Summer 2016

  • 30 Things Parents & Gifted Kids Need to Know  by Deb Douglas, featuring George Betts, Joy Lawson Davis, Jim Delisle, Jean Peterson, and Karen B. Rogers
  • How to Start the School Year on a Positive Note with Your Gifted Child’s Teacher  by Dina Brulles and Karen L. Brown, NAGC Professional Development Network
  • Why I Started College at 13: My Personal Journey  by Sabrina Olson
  • Recognizing and Nurturing Giftedness in Gifted Elders  by Terry Friedrichs, Noks Nauta, and Ellen Fiedler
  • Management of Anxiety Begins at Home  by Sal Mendaglio 
  • Don’t Forget to Breathe!  by NAGC’s Guidance and Counseling Network
  • Back-to-School Tips: How Parents Can Advocate for Creativity  by Rick Shade and Patti Garrett Shade

Special Issue

Nurturing the Young Gifted Child, guest editor Dr. Joan Franklin Smutny

  • Parenting a Precocious Preschooler: Breaking the Silence by Dr. Leigh Ann Fish
  • Parent Perceptions of Their Children's Reading Skills by Dr. Kathy Austin
  • Developing the Young Gifted Child's Mathematical Mind by Carol Fisher
  • Where in the World? Ways to Help Young Gifted Children Think Globally by Carol Sandberg-Howe
  • Coding & Robotics for Young Children? You Bet! by Ann Gadzikowski
  • The Importance of Parent Intuition & Observation in Recognizing Highly Creative Children by Kathryn P. Haydon
  • Creativity: The Early Years by Dr. Rick Shade and Patti Garrett Share


Parenting for High Potential Cover February 2016

  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): New Legislation Creates Opportunities for Parent Advocates by Carolyn Welch
  • Centennials: The World is Waiting! by Angela Housand
  • What Parents Should Know About ADHD by Dianna Mullet and Anne Rinn
  • Are ADHD Kids More Creative? by C. Matthew Fugate
  • Take a Byte: Technology for 2e Students by Linda Collins
  • May the Creative Forces Be with You! by Rick and Patti Shade
  • Gender Issues in Gifted Achievement: Are Girls Making Inroads While Boys Fall Behind? by Dr. Sylvia B. Rimm
  • The Perfect Girl Syndrome: Perfectionism and Self-Esteem in Gifted Girls by Cassie Worley
  • Patrilineal Ability: Nurturing Giftedness in Grandfathers, Fathers, and Sons by Fiona Smith
  • It’s All Fun and Games! by Bethany Mullins (the 2015 NAGC Toy & Games Review)
  • Girl Power! How Parents Can Support Girls’ Academic Success in STEM by Ann Gadzikowski
  • The Creativity Crusade by Dr. Rick Shade and Patti Garrett Shade
  • Important Voices: Gifted Children and Parents Share What They Need by Janette Boazman
  • Communicating Effectively with Your Gifted Child’s School by Joan Franklin Smutny
  • Gifted Homeschooling: Our Journey with a Square Peg by Gwen Olmstead
  • Which Middle-Level School Should We Choose? by Linda E. Pfeiffer
  • How to Identify High-Growth Schools by Linda E. Pfeiffer
  • ABCs of Being Smart: W, X, Y, Z by Joanne Foster
  • School’s Out for Summer (And, Now What Do I Do With My Gifted Kid?) by Kathleen Nilles
  • Service-Learning in Action by Jean Metzger and Kathy Frazier
  • Universities Aren’t Just for Big Kids! by NAGC Headquarters Team
  • ABCs of Gifted: U is for Understanding and V is for Viewpoints by Dr. Joanne Foster
NAGC Parenting for High Potential magazine March 2015
  • Discovering Creative Thinking Process Skills: A Win-Win for Children by Bonnie Cramond
  • Creative Underachievers: Children Who are too Out of the Box by Sylvia Rimm
  • Keeping a Legacy Alive Through the International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards by Joan Franklin Smutny, Stephen T. Schroth, Jason A. Helfer, Connie Phelps
  • Creative Thinking Skills for All Seasons: A Reflection by Sarah E. Sumners
  • Parenting the Creatively Gifted Child by Kathryn P. Haydon