Beyond Bows and (Gift) Bags: Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

Preparing for summer helps ease the transition from school to home, and creates opportunities for reflection and planning. Here are several ways you can help your gifted children wrap up the current school year.

Feeling Welcomed

I am excited and happy to join the NAGC team, members and supporters to advocate for high-quality gifted and talented education.

My Son Had An Amazing Year

I gave to NAGC’s Annual Fund this year because I saw the difference my son’s teachers and NAGC resources have made in our lives. I wanted to show my gratitude by making donations in honor of Spencer’s Math/Science teacher and his gifted specialist. They provided endless support, love and encouragement, and I have no doubt that his successes came from their joint efforts.

The Importance of Making Connections and Networking

Special posting for the 2014 NPGC Week Blog Tour.

ESP Gives EVERYONE Access to Inspiration, Knowledge and Support

If I can provide teachers with access to what I know, they can in turn create a better school environment for advanced learners who so desperately need a voice and an advocate.

NAGC Annual Election

NAGC Individual and Lifetime Members may submit annual election ballot by July 14, 2015.

You’ll cast a vote for five members to the NAGC Board of Directors:

  • President-Elect
  • At-Large Member (2 positions Available)
  • Parent Representative
  • State Representative 

View Board candidates here.

You also have a chance to vote for leaders of the Networks to which you belong. Members of these Networks will elect Chairs or Chairs-Elect:

Reprint Request for NAGC Publication

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Annual Election Voting Open

NAGC Individual and Lifetime members elect Board of Directors and Network members elect Network Chairs Elect.

Welcome to Spark!

Welcome to a pre-release version of the Spark distribution! Our goal is to greatly improve the authoring experience of Drupal, through a Drupal 7 distribution that can be used today, but can also be proposed as Drupal 8 core improvements for tomorrow. You can read more about it at the official announcement or at Read on for more info!