U-STARS~PLUS Family Science Packets

Author: Mary Ruth Coleman & Sneha Shah-Coltrane
ISBN: 0-086586-453-5
Pages: 327, 2010

U-STARS~PLUS (Using Science, Talents, and Abilities to Recognize Students ~ Promoting Learning for Underrepresented Students) is an instructional framework that empowers teachers to provide environments which nurture the intellectual and emotional well-being of young children (Grades K-3) who may be overlooked due to poverty, cultural/linguistic differences, and/or disabilities. U-STARS~PLUS provides high quality science and literature instruction using 32 popular children's books, allowing teachers to respond to children's strengths with challenging, advanced educational experiences. In addition, U-STARS~PLUS extends learning into the home, engaging families in meaningful ways to support a child's academic success. Co-published with the Council for Exceptional Children in partnership with The Association for the Gifted.

The Family Science Packets are organized around key science concepts that are aligned with the National Science Education Standards. The Family Science Packets are composed of two major sections: Teacher Notes and Family Science Activity. Materials for families are provided in both English and Spanish on the accompanying CD. Each activity identifies processing skills critical for student advancement including formulating a hypothesis, predicting, and collecting data. There are 20 activities equally divided into lower (K-1) and upper (2-3) primary grades. Grade level designations for each activity are suggested, though a teacher's use of the materials may be applied based on students' needs and interests as appropriate.
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