U-Stars Plus Teacher's Set

Author: Mary Ruth Coleman and Sneha Shah-Coltrane
Pages: Published: 2010

•U-STARS~PLUS (Using Science, Talents, and Abilities to Recognize Students ~ Promoting Learning for Underrepresented Students) is an instructional framework that empowers teachers to provide environments which nurture the intellectual and emotional well-being of young children (Grades K-3) who may be overlooked due to poverty, cultural/linguistic differences, and/or disabilities. U-STARS~PLUS provides high quality science and literature instruction using 32 popular children's books, allowing teachers to respond to children's strengths with challenging, advanced educational experiences. In addition, U-STARS~PLUS extends learning into the home, engaging families in meaningful ways to support a child's academic success. Co-published with the Council for Exceptional Children Children in partnership with The Association for the Gifted.

Start the implementation of U-STARS~PLUS with all the tools necessary, using this combined package for teachers containing one of each of the following:

•TOPS Folders set: contains five student folders and one class folder, tools to help systematically observe and recognize children who have outstanding potential.

•Science & Literature Connections: a workbook for students to engage them in exploring scientific ideas into literacy time using 32 popular children's books.

•Family Science Packets: a workbook of 20 activities involving key science concepts for use at home! Contains an accompanying CD with activities in English and Spanish.

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