Portraits in Gifted Education: Legacy Series: 1) An Evening with Annemarie Roeper

Publisher: Conceptual Foundations Network of NAGC
Pages: CR-ROM

This video contains a biography of Annemarie's life with historically compelling photos. It cronicles her many contributions to gifted education, and explores her educational theories for all children.Conversations about Gifted Education: The Past, Present & Future Enter into an intimate conversation with some of the leaders in the field of gifted education. Listen as they speak of how they entered the field and progressed in their career. They discuss the major catalysts that advanced the field, reflect on the present state of the field and express their hopes for the future in terms of what needs to be accomplished. Rich with personal experience and thoughtful insight, Conversations about Gifted Education is a must see for anyone with an interest or investment in the field of Gifted Education. Featuring: Alexinia Baldwin, Françoys Gagne, James Gallagher, Joseph Renzulli, Nancy Robinson, Sylvia Rimm, Jim Borland, Sandra Kaplan, Joyce Van Tassel Baska, Annemarie Roeper, and George Betts, with a special appearance by Abe Tannenbaum Recorded at the NAGC 54th Annual Convention, November 2007 and the NAGC 55th Annual Convention, November 2008
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