The Parallel Curriculum

Author: Tomlinson, Kaplan, Renzulli, Purcell, Leppien, & Burns
Publisher: Corwin Press/2002
ISBN: 0-7619-4559-8
Pages: Softcover/270

The Parallel Curriculum: A Design to Develop High Potential and Challenge High-Ability Learners
by Carol Ann Tomlinson, Sandra N. Kaplan, Joseph S. Renzulli, Jeanne Purcell, Jann Leppien, & Deborah Burns

Outlines a new perspective on developing curriculum and instruction.  It offers four parallel approaches illustrating ascending intellectual demand as a means of extending the intensity of challenge as students  develop along a continuum toward expertise in learning.

Table of Contents:
About the Authors
1. The Rationale for an Evolving Conception of Curriculum to Develop Expertise
2. An Overview of the Parallel Curriculum Model
3. The Essentials of Curriculum Design
4. The Core Curriculum Parallel
5. The Curriculum of Connections Parallel
6. The Curriculum of Practice Parallel
7. The Curriculum of Identity Parallel
8. Making Decisions About the Use of the Parallel Curriculum Model


About This Book:

Teachers, G/T coordinators


  • Teachers: utilize the model to modify curriculum to meet the unique needs of high-ability learners.


The Parallel Curriculum is an alternative strategy for developing curriculum for high-ability learners that has depth, complexity, and novelty. The four curriculum parallels include the Core Curriculum, Curriculum of Connections, Curriculum of Practice, and Curriculum of Identity. The book also contains concrete examples of curriculum parallels that have been piloted in actual classrooms and steps to creating original parallel curricula. This book is a guide for curriculum directors or teachers ready to embark on a new approach to curriculum for the advanced learner.

About The Authors

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