Developing Mathematically Promising Students

Author: Sheffield (Ed.)
Publisher: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics/1999
ISBN: 780873 534703
Pages: Softcover, 316

Developing Mathematically Promising Students
Edited by Linda Jensen Sheffield

This 300+ page book examines definitions and identification, curriculum, cultural influences, teacher preparation, and enhancement.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Promises Made, Promises Kept?
Part II: Creating a Culture of Mathematics
Part III: Creating a Culture of Opportunity
Part IV: Promises Fulfilled
Appendix: Report of the NCTM Task Force on the Mathematically Promising


About This Book:

Parents, educators, mathematics teachers, counselors


  • Parents: a resource to understanding mathematical ability and the services and programming to support such development.
  • Educators, mathematics teachers, and counselors: a resource of strategies, programming, and opportunities for students with mathematical ability.   


A joint publication of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National

Association for Gifted Children, Developing Mathematically Promising Students, covers an array of topics written by leaders in the field of both gifted and mathematics education. Topics include exploring the culture of mathematics, providing opportunities for mathematics development, programming aimed at developing specialized abilities, and emerging trends at both the national and international levels. This book is an exceptional resource for parents and educators dedicated to cultivating mathematical ability in children.


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