Portraits in Gifted Education: Legacy Series: 3) A Dialogue with Jim Gallagher

Author: Interviewed by Abbey Block Cash with Shelagh Gallagher
Publisher: Presented by NAGC Conceptual Foundations Network
Pages: DVD, 2010

A Dialogue with Jim Gallagher

The Conceptual Foundations Network of the National Association for Gifted Children continues to capture in video notable gifted advocates, researchers, and leaders. In this DVD, we honor Jim Gallagher, celebrated professor, scholar, theorist, and advocated in the field of gifted education.

Jim elaborates:
• “ Exceptional children are children first and exceptional second.”
• “We are not going to win the [gifted education] battle by ourselves; we need allies in the public policy arena who will join with us and say this is in the best interest of the country.”
• “Talent delayed is talent denied, and some children may never catch up.”
• “The disproportion of minority children in gifted education classes is NOT connected to bias testing – it is much worse than that!”
• “Race to top is really race to the middle.”

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