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The Arts Network believes artistic expression is a basic and necessary function of healthy and productive individuals, and that the health and productivity of a society is reflective of the degree of artistic expression among its citizens. 

The Arts Network is committed to initiating, developing, and implementing strategies and resources that will support interest and abilities in the Visual and Performing Arts. Specifically, the Network will:

  • Promote the recognition and acceptance of the Arts as an essential area of giftedness;
  • Encourage research in the area of the artistically gifted and talented;
  • Provide practical strategies and resources to foster artistic expression;
  • Increase awareness of artistic expression, aesthetic perception, aesthetic valuing, and aesthetic appreciation.


Cappie Dobyns, Chair
Steve Heil, Chair-Elect
Jan Warren, Past Chair
Clar Baldus, Newsletter Editor

Latest News

The Arts Network of NAGC is pleased to join national partners to form The Innovation Collaborative, a new, national organization which will network the Arts, Sciences and Humanities in education to promote innovation thinking. As an outcome of the National Science Foundation-funded Science, Engineering, Arts, Design (SEAD) network, the collaborative is led by a coalition of representatives from a number of national nonprofit organizations and universities, which represent the diverse fields of art and design, science, humanities, and engineering to explore the use of technology, and creativity, cognition, and learning in both Pre-K-12 and informal settings.

The work of The Innovation Collaborative will be around four central goals: Research, Effective Practices, Policy and Convening. These four goals will be undertaken by the organization’s Leadership Council, in collaboration with its team of Research Thought Leaders (including Dr. James Catterall, Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, Dr. Hubert Dyasi, Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein and Dr. R. Keith Sawyer), and collaborations with educators, policy advisors and government leaders in Washington, D.C.

Other Leadership Council members of the Innovation Collaborative include Americans for the Arts (AFTA), Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC), National Art Education Association (NAEA), National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), ICEE Success Foundation (ICEE) and National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA).

The future work of the Innovation Collaborative will include launching, in fall, 2014, a pilot project to identify effective practices and lessons for innovation thinking, and a full call for effective practices in 2015.

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