NAGC Advocacy

While most decisions related to gifted education are made in the states and local school districts, NAGC works with Members of Congress and the U.S. Department of Education to include incentives and guidelines in legislation to encourage states to provide an appropriate education for their high-ability learners.  NAGC works to influence federal policymakers in many ways and members and other gifted education supporters are a important component of each. 

Our Federal Legislative Priorities Focus on

  • preparing teachers to recognize and support high-ability learners in all populations of students
  • holding states accountable for appropriately educating their gifted students, including high-potential children from diverse backgrounds, to ensure these students are being challenged and continue to make learning gains throughout the year. 
  • providing funds for the Jacob Javits Gifted & Talented Students Education Act to support research in methods effective in identifying and educating high-ability students from underserved populations

Read the federal legislative update and how you can help.

NAGC encourages constituent contact with Members of Congress to ensure the legislators understand the issues regarding high-ability students.  Using the NAGC Legislative Action Network (LAN), NAGC alerts members when federal legislation related to gifted students is pending and provides the information they need to contact their federal legislators.

Learn how you can affect federal legislation by joining NAGC's Legislative Action Network (LAN). 

NAGC's media campaign raises awareness of gifted students and their learning needs.  NAGC has developed broad themes and message to focus our media efforts. NAGC, state gifted education association leaders, and NAGC members use these advocacy and policy themes in meetings with legislators and to develop and submit letters to the editor and op-ed opinion pieces in major newspapers across the country. 

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NAGC’s Postion Statements and White Papers provide the "voice from the field" for advocates working to establish high-quality gifted services in schools and districts. 

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