Board of Directors Election 2022

The NAGC Board of Directors, comprised of 15 elected members, leads decision making about the future of NAGC, member services, and resource allocation in concert with the national office staff and organization committees.   (If you are interested in running for chair or chair-elect of a network, see the network election page).

Elected by NAGC Individual and Lifetime Members (Parent members participate in the Parent Representative election), NAGC Board members are the stewards of the association and are responsible for reflecting the views and interests of all of our members. The Board is responsible for the fiscal health of the organization and provides leadership, a shared vision, and sense of mission.


Materials needed to apply

Download a full description of the documents listed before starting your nomination.  Materials are uploaded to online form
Complete Online Nomination Form
Provide 2 Letters of Support
Resumé, CV or statement that includes educational background, career highlights and history, details of NAGC participation, and leadership activities. If you are running for treasurer, please include experience appropriate to this position.
Four color, high resolution headshot
Biography (up to 150 words)
Personal Statement (up to 200 words)

Answers to the following questions:

A. How would your knowledge, experience, abilities, and vision contribute to increasing the public’s urgency to support the needs of gifted and talented children and youth (i.e, Minds)?

B.   How would your knowledge, experience, abilities, and vision contribute to advocating for the adoption of policies that promote programs and service in which gifted and talented children and youth will thrive (i.e, Policies)?

C.   How would your knowledge, experience, abilities, and vision contribute to empowering supporters to implement effective practices for all gifted and talented children and youth in homes, schools, and communities (i.e, Practices)?

Somewhere in the documents you are submitting, please be sure you have included relevant information about your experience in financial management; gifted advocacy, board, or volunteer leadership outside of NAGC; and evidence of your ability to work collaboratively within and across organizations.


There are two officer positions, with 2-year terms, opening September 1, 2022.  In accordance with NAGC nomination and election procedures, NAGC voting members in good standing who have served at least one term on the Board of Directors within the past 10 years are invited to submit their applications for:

There are 2 non-officer positions, with 3-year terms opening September 1, 2022. All NAGC voting members in good standing are invited to submit their applications for:

Before starting your nomination, review the updated list of materials needed to apply.

NOTE: The deadline to submit your nomination is March 8.

After nominations are received, the Elections Committee develops the slate of candidates.  Election Committee members are may not provide letters of recommendations or nominate an applicant.

Candidates and their supporters are encouraged not to engage in any organized effort to promote a candidacy. No candidacy may be promoted or endorsed in any way in any NAGC or network publication.

Important note: Board members are expected to attend all three (3) Board meetings: One in the fall; the second meeting in conjunction with NAGC's Annual Convention in November; and a third meeting in the spring in Washington, DC. Carefully think about your commitment before you apply. Your participation is essential!