Joey Hudicka, 16, and Heidi Hudicka, 11, are the founders of Fizzee Labs. Each company has a journey and Fizzee Labs started with Joey playing with a pile of trading cards after hockey practice at 5 years old, and he turned this pile of cards into a strategy game that would eventually be on the App Store. Heidi began her entrepreneurial career when she was just 4 years old, designing her own fashion clothing line for her dolls, and she is combining her love of fashion with her love of play, to make sure everything Fizzee Labs creates is fun! 
THE HIGH FLYER post is by Lyman Millard, a partner at the Bloomwell Group. He authored the report from which this essay is excerpted, Pathway to Success: Menlo Park Academy gives gifted children a unique space where they can thrive, which the Thomas B. Fordham Institute published in September 2018.
THE HIGH FLYER post is by Brandon L. Wright, Editorial Director of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, and Jonathan Plucker, NAGC President-Elect and Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development at Johns Hopkins University.
The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) will recognize the 2018 NAGC Award winners at the NAGC 65th Annual Convention in Minneapolis, MN, November 15-18, 2018. 
THE HIGH FLYER post by Dina Brulles first appeared on the Free Spirit Publishing blog.