The truth is intelligence does not inoculate you from racism, prejudice, or bigotry. We need to make an effort to talk to our gifted children and students and ensure that they are not governed by emotional politics and fomenting irrational hatreds.
It is good to be reminded that our schools are failing to provide disadvantaged gifted children with the education they deserve and there are steps we can take to fix that.
Yes, we want to keep our children safe, but we also need to allow our gifted children a way to move beyond their safe spaces to have a meaningful impact on the world.
Parents who are educated about their school system and gifted programs and strategies are powerful allies in the work to improve educational services for gifted students.
As you sit at home and ponder the New Year ahead, consider submitting a proposal for the NAGC 67th Annual Convention (NAGC20), which will be held in November 5-8, 2020 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Florida.