Nothing is going to get rid of the prescriptive curriculum; however, Curricular Enrichment Infusion can provide teachers and students with an activity that is easy to implement and brings out a great deal of creativity and enthusiasm. 
We need a real change in the way students are taught if we are to address the achievement gap in today's schools.
NAGC22 attendees are keenly interested in what is working in your classroom or school. Consider submitting a proposal to present at the NAGC 69th Annual Convention.
Applying the pedagogy of gifted education to all classrooms can lead to total school improvement. That is the aim of my work, an enrichment-infusion process called the “schoolwide enrichment model,” or SEM.
In the summer of 2020, NAGC issued a statement denouncing systemic racism and supporting racial justice. This was followed by an enhanced vision statement and action plan to guide the Association’s efforts to confront systemic racism and advance equity, Championing Equity and Supporting Social Justice for Black Students in Gifted Education: An Expanded Vision for NAGC. Over the subsequent months, the Board of Directors, staff, and several groups within NAGC engaged in conversations, reflection, education, and outreach around this “Expanded Vision” and plan of action, and related initiatives. We'd like to provide an update on our progress.