THE HIGH FLYER post is by Brandon Wright, Editorial Director of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. He is the co-author of Failing Our Brighest Kids: The Global Challenge of Educating High Ability Students (with Chester E. Finn, Jr.).
Charlotte A. Akin is a gifted education advocate in Washington State.
Todd Stanley, the gifted services coordinator for Pickerington Local Schools (OH) and the author of many teacher-education books, takes an educational theory and shows you how to turn it into practice.
THE HIGH FLYER post is by Eva Moskowitz, CEO and founder at Success Academy Charter Schools.
THE HIGH FLYER POST is by Scott Peters, Professor of Educational Foundations at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Karen Rambo-Hernandez, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at West Virginia University, Matthew Makel, Director of Research at the Duke University Talent Identification Program, Michael Matthews, Professor of Education at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Jonathan Plucker, the Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development at Johns Hopkins University.