One measurement of Gen Z students’ vast visual potential is through nonverbal ability tests—emphasis on the word potential. As educators of gifted learners, we strive to honor all abilities and broad spectrums of talent and across cultures—to not leave anyone out. This is our vision for equity.
The same racial injustices that treat Black lives as unworthy also treat Black minds as inferior.
With some flexibility at home, online learning can be a success with twice-exceptional students.
Because of this school year's disruptions, educators are worried about this fall's gifted identification process. But, even though that process may have to change this coming school year, it is not impossible to identify students who need gifted education in order to thrive.
For advanced learners, remote learning provides a wealth of online and hands-on opportunities for interest-based projects, individualized instruction, and enrichment. But is also presents challenges. Parents, educators, and students need to work together to achieve the best learning outcomes.