This article first apepared in the July 2022 issue of TESOL Connections. Copyright TESOL International Association. Reprinted with permission. 
On Friday, September 9, 2022, the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) submitted an amicus brief to the First Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Boston Parent Coalition for Academic Excellence Corp. v. School Committee of the City of Boston. In its brief, the Association presented published position statements, articles, and policy positions in support of the Boston School Committee’s efforts to remove barriers of access and ensure greater equity for all students in the admissions process for its three exam schools.
True equity in gifted education can be found in Assessment for Learning and the education given in response.
Anyone who had the opportunity to meet Marcia would immediately notice that she always wore at least one piece of turquoise jewelry. In fact, turquoise was her favorite color and a frequent theme throughout many parts of her life including her choices in home décor. Turquoise has been equated to wisdom; “…the sea-green stone reminds us of the value of every person's experience. When we see rightly within our own selves, neither elevating our strengths nor glossing over our weaknesses, we develop greater compassion and empathy for others” ( I can think of no better description for the way that Marcia lived her life.
When the NAGC Board of Directors presented the Championing Equity statement to the membership in