Susan R. Rakow

Cleveland State University

Susan Rakow, Ph.D.  is an experienced teacher and university professor and the author of  numerous articles and two books (Educating Gifted Learners in Middle School: A Practical Guide and Teaching to the Top) about gifted and talented children and adolescents. She is a well-regarded and sought after presenter at national, state and local conferences as well as a frequent provider of professional development in differentiation of instruction and program improvement that enhance the school and life experiences of gifted individuals. Recently, Susan has nearly completed requirements for earning  her Clinical Mental Health counseling license. As part of this preparation, she interned with Dr. Sylvia Rimm and the Family Achievement Clinic and provided counseling services to children and families at Menlo Park Academy for Gifted Children (k-8) in Cleveland, Ohio.

Speaker Topics:

  • The Middle School Muddle: Meeting the Needs of Gifted Children in the Middle Grades (parents, teachers, administrators)
  • Unique Counseling Needs of Gifted and Advanced Learners and Their Families
  • The Common Core and Gifted Learners
  • English/Language Arts for Gifted and Talented Learners