Diana Reeves

Gordon School

Diana Reeves is a parent, a teacher, and past Chairperson and thirty-year member of the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education. She earned her Sixth Year Degree in Educational Psychology, Gifted and Talented Education, from the University of Connecticut. In addition to her work in Massachusetts, Diana served for six years as Parent Representative on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Gifted Children. She has facilitated numerous guided discussion groups for parents, presented at workshops and conferences, and has worked in many school districts to foster the home/classroom/school partnership that is so critical to the development of best practices for capable children. She now welcomes an opportunity to share her experiences and observations as a means of helping parents, administrators, and teachers successfully prepare children for life’s journey.

Speaker Topics:

  • Learning Style: It’s How You’re Wired!
  • Learning Style at Home and at School
  • Teaching Strategies for the Multi-Ability Classroom
  • Rising Tides Lift All Ships (criteria by which to assess classroom differentiation practices)
  • Myths and Realities of Teaching the Gifted
  • Fostering Habits of Success
  • Advocacy Bootcamp
  • Utilizing the Milemarker CD
  • Starting and Maintaining a Parent Group
  • Teaching with a Multicultural Lens