Bronwyn MacFarlane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Gifted Education
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Bronwyn MacFarlane, Ph.D., is the incoming Chair-Elect of the STEM Network and has served as Chair of the NAGC Counseling and Guidance Network.  She is Associate Professor of Gifted Education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Teacher Education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) where she teaches graduate courses in educational leadership and gifted education. 

Her latest book, STEM Education for High-Ability Learners: Designing and Implementing Programming (2016), is the first book of its kind on the market to specifically bring together the elements needed for delivering comprehensive STEM educational programming to develop high ability.  Link:

She served in the interim role of Associate Dean for the College of Education and Health Professions where she provided leadership for educator and health preparation programs.  She has diverse experiences leading graduate academic affairs for the UALR College of Education and Health Professions, guiding college programs through accreditation and review processes, providing organizational leadership for community partnership projects, teaching diverse learners, managing academic school programs, designing and evaluating differentiated curriculum for high ability learners and online programs, and providing quality professional development. 

She has contributed to several large-scale differentiated curricular initiatives. She is a university site visitor for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.  Dr. MacFarlane holds school leadership qualifications for school superintendency, principalship, counseling, and teaching across a range of content areas and grade levels.  She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Planning from the College of William and Mary. 

Her research interests focus upon talent development and assessing programs and curricula interventions to increase talent development among learners.  She has authored numerous articles, book chapters, and technical reports and has delivered over 100 presentations for state, national, and international audiences.  She has publications in High Ability Studies, Roeper Review, Journal for the Education of the Gifted, Parenting for High Potential, Tempo, Understanding Our Gifted, and Gifted and Talented International.  She co-edited Leading Change in Gifted Education: The Festschrift of Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska (2009).  She writes the column “Curriculum Corner” regularly appearing in the NAGC Teaching for High Potential magazine.

She received the 2014 UALR College of Education Faculty Excellence Award for Research and Creative Endeavors; the UALR Distinguished Teaching Fellow Medallio; and the UALR New Faculty Teaching Commendation.  She also received the NAGC Outstanding Doctoral Award; the College of William and Mary School of Education Dean’s Award for Excellence; the College of William and Mary Excellence in Gifted Education Doctoral Award; and the International P.E.O. Scholar Award. 

Speaker Topics:

  • Leading Change in Gifted Education
  • STEM Education Program Design
  • Second Language Learning and Dual-Language Teaching
  • Developing Challenging Curriculum for Gifted Learners, K-12
  • Rigorous Curriculum Design and the Integrated Curriculum Model
  • Aligning Gifted Curriculum Models and the Common Core State Standards
  • Improving Service Delivery for All High Ability Students
  • Bringing the Best: Social and Emotional Development
  • Family involvement and the impact on promising learners
  • Counseling the Affective Needs of Gifted Learners