Advocacy Conference Materials 2017

Thank you for attending the 2017 Leadership and Advocacy Conference. Below you will find all the materials shared at the Conference.
Conference Presentations
Overview of Federal Grassroots Advocacy Strategy: 2017 and Beyond, Bill Knudsen, NAGC

Influence of Parents & Third-Party Validators to Drive Change, Kathy Nilles, NAGC

Power of Affiliates to Shape Change: Minds, Policies, Practices, Dr. Sally Krisel, NAGC President-Elect Importance of Equity: Lessons Learned from Special Education and Delivering Your Message to Elected Leaders, Dr. Laura Schifter, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Every Student Succeeds Act and the New Administration, Bill Knudsen

Report from the National Center for Research on Gifted Education, Dr. Del Siegle, NCRGE, University of Connecticut, Storrs

Hill Visit Documents
Congressional Request Summary
Javits Program Request
Title I Guidance
Title II Guidance

Supplementary Materials

Poll of Voters about Gifted Education, Institute for Educational Advancement
Advocating for Talented Youth: Lessons Learned from the National Study of Local and State Advocacy in Gifted Education, Dr. Ann Robinson and Dr. Sidney Moon, Gifted Child Quarterly
Here's How Not to Waste Your Time Pressuring Lawmakers, Barney Frank, Policy. mic
A Former Senator Explains How Regular People Can Effectively Lobby Congress,
What Successful Movements Have in Common, Greg Satell, Harvard Business Review










Upcoming Events
 2019 Leadership & Advocacy Conference, March 17-19, 2019
    NAGC 66th Annual Conference, November 7-10, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM