Additional Advocacy Materials

Advocacy 101

Federal Advocacy 101 Getting Started and Opening the First Door.

Advocating for Talented Youth: Lessons Learned from the National Study of Local and State Advocacy in Gifted Education by Dr. Ann Robinson and Dr. Sidney Moon. 

Barney Frank: Here’s how to not waste your time pressuring lawmakers. One perspective from a former Democratic Congressman that served in the House of Representatives from 1981 – 2013.

List of Members of Congress (House & Senate) who sit on the Congressional committees that either write most education laws or make the initial decisions on how much money gifted education receives. 

Sample Meeting Request Language.

Senate Federal Fiscal Year 2020 Dear Colleague letter requesting funding for Javits.  Federal Fiscal Year 2020 starts on October 1, 2019. 

How Can So Many Students be Invisible?   Large Percentages of American Students Perform Above Grade Level.


Legislative & Advocacy Committee Resources

Advocating for Gifted Education in Iowa:  Tips from the Iowa Talented and Gifted Association

Tip Sheet: Building Effective Sustainable State Advocacy

Example of National Advocacy Wallet Card and State Advocacy Wallet Card

Messaging Strategy 101: Making the Connection

Statutory, regulatory, and guidance exemplars covering:


Parent & Student Focused Advocacy Resources

Gifted 101


Classroom Advocacy

Advocating for Gifted Services

How to Start a Parent Support Group - General

Starting a Sustaining a Parent Group (Pages 26 – 29 focus on advocacy)