Privacy Policy

NAGC is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and all users of our online services. We follow these policies:

E-mail addresses

We ask visitors and members who register for our online services to provide us with their e-mail addresses so we can send them account and purchase information. NAGC does not sell, rent, or lend to anyone the e-mail addresses of its members or registered site users.

User IDs and passwords

Each individual registered to use this site has a unique user ID and password. Users who elect to register on the site will use their e-mail address as their user ID and are assigned passwords.

Passwords are the private property of the registered user. For reasons of security and privacy, we do not give out passwords to anyone. If you forget your password, you can request that your account information be re-sent to the e-mail address you originally provided during registration.


"Cookies" are bits of data sent from a Web server to a user's machine to be retrieved later for identification purposes. There are two types of cookies: nonpersistent and persistent cookies.

  • A nonpersistent cookie enables a Web site to temporarily store information on your computer as you travel from one page to another on our site. This cookie is automatically deleted from your machine when you close your browser.
  • A persistent cookie is kept even when you close your browser. You can manually delete these cookies using commands specific to your browser and computer system. These cookies store information that would generally not change from visit to visit.

The NAGC Web site uses cookies to store information about purchases made on our site. NAGC only reads cookies written by our site. It does not use cookies to obtain information on other Web sites that you may visit.

Financial information

NAGC collects financial information including credit-card numbers only to bill for purchases of memberships or products.

Links to other sites

This site contains links to other sites. NAGC is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those sites.

Modifying or canceling services

Registered users can request changes to their information by sending a message to NAGC or contacting us at the following address:

Attn: Customer Relations
National Association for Gifted Children
1707 L Street NW, Suite 550
Washington, DC 20036