The Peak in the Middle: Developing Mathematically Gifted Students in the Middle Grades

Author: Edited by: Mark Saul, Susan Assouline, & Linda Jensen Sheffield
Publisher: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ISBN: 978-0-87353-634-9
Pages: 188, Published 2010

Good teaching is responsive to individual differences, tailoring instruction to meet the needs of individual learners. In gifted education, students need a curriculum that is differentiated (by level, complexity, breadth, and depth), developmentally appropriate, and conducted at a more rapid rate. This collection of essays from experts in the field addresses the particular needs educational institutions have in serving their gifted students. Topics include policy and philosophy; specific program models; supplemental materials and programs; knowledge and skills that teachers need in their work; international opportunities and possibilities; and equity. Many of the points raised are as valid for general education students as for gifted students. Many relate equally well to high school or elementary school. And many apply across the curriculum—not just to mathematics.
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