Using the National Gifted Education Standards for PreK-12 Professional Development

Author: Margie Kitano , Diane Montgomery , Joyce VanTassel-Baska , Susan Johnsen
Publisher: Corwin Press/2008
ISBN: 9781412965231
Pages: Paperback

Reshape the professional development of teachers in gifted education! The ten NAGC, CEC, and TAG knowledge and skills standards represent the best research-based practices in gifted education and identify what teachers of the gifted should know and be able to do. To ensure that students with gifts and talents realize their full potential, it is crucial that gifted education teachers receive ongoing professional development that reflects standards-based practices. This unique resource shows PreK–12 education leaders how to plan and implement inservice training programs or realign existing programs based on the newly approved gifted education standards. Authored by the organizations that developed the standards, this volume features a wealth of helpful material for developing objectives, activities, and assessments of professional development, including four different observation instruments, a sample needs assessment survey, a sample individual professional development plan, a checklist for meeting the knowledge and skills standards, and a CD-ROM with an annotated bibliography of the research base used to develop the standards. Staff developers will be able to: Determine professional development objectives based on standards Understand and assess teacher needs Design and evaluate the effectiveness of activities and onsite programs Implement standards for addressing diversity Using the National Gifted Education Standards for PreK–12 Professional Development is an essential companion for staff developers and administrators faced with the challenge of giving classroom teachers the necessary training to provide exceptional instruction.
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