2020 Friends of NAGC (Donors)

Special thanks to those who support the movement to SEE, UNDERSTAND, TEACH, and CHALLENGE gifted and talented children from all backgrounds as they reach for their personal best. You, too, can join the movement!

VALEDICTORIAN ($5000 & above)

M. R. Metzger Family Foundation
Simeon and Jean  H. Locke Charitable Foundation

SALUTATORIAN ($1200 - $4999)

Dina Brulles and Mark Joraanstad
Sally Krisel

DEAN'S LIST ($500 - $1199)
Anonymous Donor
Wendy Behrens
Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted
Beverly Fink

Tracy F. Inman
Sidney Mooon

HONOR SOCIETY ($200 - $499)

Laura Beltchenko (In honor of current and past presidents of NAGC)
Pamela  Clinkenbeard
Alex Dreger
Shelagh Gallagher
Keri Guilbault
Catherine Little
North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented
Megan Peters

HIGH HONORS ($100 - $199)

Douglas And Rapeepun  Adkins
Eric Calvert
Laurie Croft
Kurshanna Dean
Kenneth Dickson   

Sue Feigal-Hitch
Argen Hicks
Michele Joerg
Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn
Jennifer Madsen     
HONOR ROLL ($1 - $99)

Tamara Alley
Yolanda Charles
Susan Corwith
Janet Draper
Andrew Effrat
Joseph Gregorio
Cecelia Kelly

Robert Kidd (In honor of teachers making a difference during the 2020 pandemic)
Hema Muralidaran
Adah Ojile
Charmaine Stattman
Michelle Swain (In honor of Dr. Lora Darden)
Randy Walker  (In honor of the work of Dr. Martin D. Jenkins)

As of January 4,2021