Timely Topics in Gifted Education

NAGC pulls together in-depth resources on topics that are on members' minds and are affecting K-12 education across the country.  Please let us know of other topics that you'd like to see added to this section.   Our current topics include:

Common Core and National Science Standards

The adoption of the Common Core standards has meant much transition in the majority of states.  As states adopt the science standards, more questions are likely to arise.  The need for gifted education remains, even in light of the new, higher-level standards.  Read more about adapting the Common Core and science standards for advanced and gifted students.

Equity in Gifted Education

Children who are limited English proficient, disabled, or from minority or low-income backgrounds have been underrepresented in advanced classes and gifted education programs.  Learn more about practices in identification and teacher preparation to correct the underrepresentation.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

STEM issues remain in the forefront of the discussion of U.S. competitiveness and the role of K-12 education in ensuring a pipeline of advanced talent.  Read more about supporting gifted learners interested in the STEM fields.