Back to School Resource Roundup

Welcome back to school! NAGC has compiled essential resources and information for parents, administrators, and educators on gifted and talented, as well as
general knowledge and advocacy materials.

Bridging The Divide Photo.jpgGeneral Knowledge

Become familiar with the common terms, standards, and position statements that NAGC offers.

    For Educators

    Despite time away from the classroom during the summer, teachers continue to learn and prepare by attending professional development workshops, cleaning out their classrooms, and planning for the year ahead. Turn to NAGC resources as you prepare for students and their families.

    For Parents

    Amid the flurry of mixed emotions, purchasing supplies, and confidence in your child’s ability; dealing with the start of the school year can be quite a challenge, especially if your school is facing budget and program cuts. Just as you purchased those markers, folders, and scissors, so you should look to the resources that NAGC has for parents.

    For Administrators 

    Recognizing that school administrators are always "back to school" and that they have myriad of tasks to complete, NAGC has developed some resources for this group as well.

       For Advocates 

      An important aspect of gifted and talented education programs and serving our nation's brightest learners, is an informed parent or educator. NAGC continues to build on a strong foundation of resources and tools.