National Parenting Gifted Children Week 2014

NPGC Week 2014.jpgNAGC seeks to keep supporting gifted and talented children at the center of all that we do. From July 20-26, NAGC adds to our ongoing advocacy efforts and awareness building activities the celebration of National Parenting Gifted Children (NPGC) Week 2014. We will share news throughout social media and with our community and hope you will do the same!

NAGC partnered with SENG several years ago to get the event listed in the National Special Events Registry. NPGC Week celebrates the joys and challenges of raising, guiding, and supporting bright young minds.

Check out the 2014 SENG Blog Tour in Honor of National Parenting Gifted Children Week.

NAGC makes available these archived webinars/Convention presentations to you throughout the week. Come back to find new sessions throughout the week!