Resources for Parents

*Your toddler is inquisitive, seemingly never gets tired, and is highly sensitive to her slouchy socks and the tags in her clothes.
*Your child has just been accepted into the gifted program at her middle school, but you wonder what that means and how to know if it is a quality program.
*Your high schooler is getting ready to apply to colleges, but is so overwhelmed by choices of what to study, he can't move forward.

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Welcome to the world of gifted children. NAGC works to provide you the tools you need to help your child succeed.

Gifted at a Glance


Is My Child Gifted?

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Diving Deeper

PHP-Sept-2014-cover.jpgNAGC Publications for Parents

Working with Your Child's School

There is a skill to advocating for your child in school. 

  • Find tips on how to work with your child's teacher and school to provide a challenging curriculum.

Resources for Your Child

There are hundreds of camps, enrichment curriculum, games, and weekend programs for your child to enjoy.


Parenting for High Potential


PHP is a members-only publication for parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives, develop their children's gifts and talents, and help them reach their full potential.

All Gifted is Local

Funding. Mandates. Policies. They all happen on the state and local level.