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THP Banner.jpgEach issue of Teaching for High Potential (THP) is filled with practical guidance and classroom-based materials for educators striving to understand and challenge their high potential students. Open the pages to explore timely and applicable research-based practice that can be readily implemented.

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Feature Articles

  • When Bright Kids Become Disillusioned
  • Helping Gifted Students Move Beyond Perfectionism
  • Resiliance and Gifted Children


Feature Articles

  • Encouraging Students to Write With Creativity
  • A Model to Foster Social and Emotional Development

Feature Articles

  • An Enriching Experience Serving Low-Income Middle Schoolers
  • A Toolbox for Bringing Drama into Your Classroom


Teaching for High Potential Winter 2016

Feature Articles

  • Creativity and the Common Core: Shining Light into a Dark Space
  • Seagulls, Treasure Maps, and Seasickness: Sailing as a Metaphor for Differentiation
Teaching for High Potential Fall 2015
Feature Articles
  • Expectation Overload: Helping Multipotentialed Students Find Happiness
  • Principles and Practices of Socratic Circles in Middle Level Classrooms: A Socratic Conversation
Feature Articles
  • Inquiry-Based Learning for Gifted Students in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Promoting Citizenship Development through Biographies
  • Dramatic Social Studies Monologues that Stir the Gifted Soul
  • STEM and Human Rights for Student “AWhereness” through GIS
  • Integrating Social Studies and World Languages
  • Connecting to the Humanities
  • Biographical Snapshots Offer Social-Emotional Support
  • Readers for a Lifetime
  • Skills for Using Nonfiction Texts: Text Coding
  • Using C3 Framework to Develop Civically Engaged Students

Spring 2015 cover.jpgFeature Articles

From Teacher to Advocate
Out of the Classroom and into the Community: Oral History Projects for Gifted Learners


The Times are a Changin’
A Pleasant View on the Horizon
The Buddy Bench: Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Others
Talking About Race in Middle and High School Classrooms
The Case for Basic Mathematical Facts…AND Problem Solving
A Successful Education
A Great Year of Releases!
Crowdfunding Your Classroom Projects
Resources for Nonfiction Texts