NAGC Select Series


Available for Kindle and in Paperback

NAGC Select books are a series of concise, informative booklets on topics and issues in education. Intended as a service to practicing educators and/or families, They are designed for the non-researcher who needs to know the basics of a particular topic in education. The books have a consistent format: an intro on the importance of the topic, three to five sections explaining what we know and how it translates into practice, a conclusion/summary and five to seven key resources on the topic, with annotations.

The books are available on Amazon in e-book or print-on-demand formats.

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  • Parenting Gifted Children for Optimal Development by Stephen T. Schroth and Jason A. Helfer Parenting Gifted Children cover.jpg
    Schroth and Helfer help parents answer some of the questions that invariably arise from "Am I expecting too much from my child," to "How I balance my child's needs and the family's needs." This book is currently available in paperback only.


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  • Self-regulation and the Underachieving Gifted Learner by Alicia M. Welch, Jennifer L. Roth, Hillary H. Steiner, and Martha Carr. Self Regul cover.jpg
    Underachievement by gifted children may result from a lack of self-regulation -- a combination of motivational, cognative, and social emotional factors. The authors discuss how to work with advanced learners to develop their ability to self-regulate to improve academic achievement. This book is currently available in paperback only.