Connecting for High Potential

logochp.pngNAGC receives similar questions from teachers and parents. Both groups benefit from the same information, even though they look at it from different perspectives and have different roles to play in  helping gifted children reach their potential. Connecting for High Potential sheds light on how the "other side" might face the issue. Our ongoing goal is for teachers and parents to develop a broader understanding of their students' potential (and one another) which will enable them to build stimulating learning environments that tap into a child's high potential.

While issue dates begin in 2005, we trust you'll find the topics and themes are still relevant and the information useful. They were designed as "tear and share" in formerly printed publications.

"How can I find appropriate, challenging resources for a child who is reading far above grade-level?" 2008


"We know this child is gifted. Now that the question of identification has been answered, what is my role? What are some practical ways I can support & encourage learning?"  2007

"Giftedness? What does the label mean. . .?" 2006

"But she (or he) doesn't seem gifted to me...Signs of giftedness can be unrecognized or misunderstood" 2006

"What do we need to know about children who have already mastered pre-school or kindergarten skills prior to entering the classroom?" 2006

"School's Opening. How do we start off on the right foot?"  2006

Issue Topic: "We don't have a gifted program, so what can I do?" 2005