Connecting for High Potential

NAGC receives similar questions from teachers and parents. Both groups benefit from the same information, even though they look at it from different perspectives and have different roles to play in 


helping gifted children reach their potential. Connecting for High Potential sheds light on how the "other side" might face the issue. Our ongoing goal is for teachers and parents to develop a broader understanding of their students' potential (and one another) which will enable them to build stimulating learning environments that tap into a child's high potential.

These resources for parents, teachers, and community members are designed to provide practical advice for working together to support gifted children's continued growth in educational settings. The answers to the questions are examined in Connecting For High Potential, available exclusively to NAGC Members below. While issue dates begin in 2005, we trust you'll find the topics and themes are still relevant and the information useful. They were designed as "tear and share" in formerly printed publications. Now available as PDFs, we encourage you to share freely with other teachers and parents.

"The Technological Revolution" Spring 2015

Here are three strategies to help teachers and parents navigate the new experiences technology has brought to the classroom.

"Gifted Lingo: What Does it All Mean?" 2014 (update of Issue 19)

"The Parent/Teacher Conference" 2014

"Finding a Program or Advocating for One That Works" 2013

"Learner Preferences and Teaching Strategies: Finding a Perfect Match" 2013

"Creative Thinking and Creativity" 2012

"Goal Setting and Achievement" 2012

"Gifted Lingo: What Does it All Mean?" 2012

"Siblings, Twins, and Relatives" 2012