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National Parenting Gifted Children Week 2012

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SENG WEEK Definition 

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The week of July 15-21 has been designated National Parenting Gifted Children Week.     

Use this celebration as an opportunity to raise awareness of gifted children and the importance of high quality gifted education. National Parenting Gifted Children Week creates an occasion for you to reach out to local media to discuss the needs of advanced students and to advocate for gifted and talented education. 

Letters to the Editor 

The easiest way to get the word out is through a Letter to the Editor to your local paper.  We have provided two templates with sample messages, but we strongly recommend that you personalize it to your situation and your community to increase the chance that it will be published.

Template 1
Template 2 

Suggestions for Submissions

  • Letters to the editor should be addressed to the Letters-to-the-Editor editor.  Submission information is often included in the fine print in the Letters section of your newspaper; most newspapers now accept submissions on line. 
  • Advocates should write to their local newspapers.  Don’t forget the weekly papers in your area.
  • State gifted education association officers could "pen" a letter to the major newspapers in the state.  Tailor the letter to state legislative action and submit a letter to the newspaper in the state capital.
  • Submit your letters just before the week of July 15 to increase your chances of being published.

Letters to the editor offer the opportunity to raise gifted education-related issues after the fact, or the opportunity to reinforce an issue, event, or commentary made earlier in the same newspaper.  National Parenting Gifted Children Week is the event about which you are writing while at the same time reminding people about the special needs of gifted children.  Keep in mind that administrators, school board members, and legislators all read their local newspapers; many elected officials read all the major newspapers across the state. This is your chance to share your opinions with them right in their own home in a non-threatening, thoughtful way.

We welcome receiving copies of letters that have been published.  Please email them to Carolyn Kaye at

Other Ideas to Maximize the Opportunity 

  • Encourage your state gifted association and local parent groups to publicize their own local or national efforts.

  • Mention this celebratory week in your next blog, newsletter, or social networking site.
  • Contact your local newspaper and suggest using this week as a tie-in for a story about gifted kids in your area.
  • Ask the Governor or Mayor to issue a proclamation.  Invite elected officials to kick-off a National Parenting Gifted Children Week event by reading the proclamation. Use the public appearance of elected officials as an opportunity to speak about specific initiatives and to thank them for their past support.
  • Encourage your local library to set-up an exhibit during NPGCW, where they can display free informational brochures, handouts, and bookmarks, as well as their books about giftedness.

  • Invite education reporters from your papers to advanced summer programs in your area to “cover” the celebration. 

  • Forward information about National Parenting Gifted Children week to the “family” reporter at your local paper.

  • Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG), co-sponsor of National Parenting Gifted Children week. Additional fact sheets, articles, and background information on the needs of gifted children are available in the parent sectionof the NAGC website.