A Teacher's Guide to Using the Common Core State Standards With Mathematically Gifted and Advanced Learners

Author: Susan K. Johnsen Ph.D., Gail R. Ryser Ph.D., Susan G. Assouline Ph.D.
Publisher: Prufrock, 2013
Pages: 135, paperback

A Teacher's Guide to Using the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics provides teachers and administrators with practical examples of ways to build a comprehensive, coherent, and continuous set of learning experiences for gifted and advanced students. It describes informal, traditional, off-level, and 21st century math assessments that are useful in making educational decisions about placement and programming. Featuring learning experiences for each grade within one math progression, the book offers insight into useful ways of both accelerating and enriching the CCSS mathematics standards. Each of the learning experiences includes a sequence of activities, implementation examples, and formative assessments. Specific instructional and management strategies for implementing the standards within the classroom, school, and school district will be helpful for both K–12 teachers and administrators
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