Designing Services & Programs for High-Ability Learners: A Guidebook for Gifted Education

Author: Purcell & Eckert (Eds.)

Whether you are developing a new program “from the ground up” or need to restructure an existing one, Designing Services and Programs for High-Ability Learners will help you every step of the way with detailed guidelines, practical tips, templates, action plans, and suggestions for strategic planning teams, as well as for the sole practitioner.

Consolidating the sage advice and up-to-date research of 29 leaders in the field, this comprehensive and highly practical guide takes the guesswork out of providing appropriate services and programming for high-ability students from elementary through high school.

Each chapter addresses a key feature of gifted programming, from identification to evaluation and advocacy, and includes
• Definition, Rationale, and Guiding Principles of the key feature
• Attributes that Define High Quality for assessing effectiveness
• Flawed Example of the key feature and strategies to improve the example
• Revised Example, illustrating implementation of high-quality attributes
• Strategic Plan for Designing or Remodeling the key feature, delineating the steps involved
• Template for Getting Started, helping you take the first steps of a complex process
• Must-Read Resources

Informed planning allows you to tailor services to the specific needs of your students, whether you’re in a rural, urban or suburban community. Superintendents, administrators, teachers, and advocates will find Designing Services and Programs for High-Ability Learners invaluable in defending, developing and monitoring high quality gifted services and programs.

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