PCM Series, The Parallel Curriculum A Design to Develop Learner Potential and Challenge Advanced Learners Second Edition

Author: Tomlinson, Kaplan, Renzulli, Purcell, Leppien, Burns, Strickland, Imbeau
Publisher: Corwin Press, 2008
ISBN: 9781412961318
Pages: 336

Engage students with a rich curriculum that strengthens their capacity as learners and thinkers! Based on the premise that every learner is somewhere on a path toward expertise in a content area, this resource promotes a curriculum model for developing the abilities of all students and extending the abilities of students who perform at advanced levels. The Parallel Curriculum Model (PCM) offers four curriculum parallels that incorporate the element of Ascending Intellectual Demand to help teachers determine current student performance levels and develop intellectual challenges to move learners along a continuum toward expertise. Updated throughout and reflecting state and national content standards, this new edition: Helps teachers design learning experiences that develop PreK–12 learners' analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills in each subject area Provides a framework for planning differentiated curriculum Includes examples of curriculum units, sample rubrics, and tables to help implement the PCM model The Parallel Curriculum effectively promotes educational equity and excellence by ensuring that all students are adequately challenged and supported through a multidimensional, high-quality curriculum.
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