Designing and Developing Programs for Gifted Students

Author: Smutny (Ed.)
Publisher: Corwin Press/2003
ISBN: 0-7619-3853-2
Pages: Softcover, 188

Designing and Developing Programs for Gifted Students
Edited by Joan Franklin Smutny

Design and implement a gifted program to maximize benefits for students, teachers, schools and parents.

Table of Contents:
About the Editor
About the Contributors
1. From Needs & Goals to Program Organization
2. Developing & Designing Programs Serving Young Gifted Children
3. Identifying and Selecting Teachers
4. Special Programs at the Elementary Level
5. Designing and Implementing Curriculum for Programs
6. Designing Math Curriculum to Encourage Inductive Thinking by Elem. and Middle School Students
7. Reflections on Special Programming for the Gifted Disadvantaged Students
8. Univeristy School's Community Talent Dev. Program
9. The Prevention & Enrichment Program for Families with Gifted Children
10. Role of Programs
11. The Role of Summer Programs
12. Support for Gifted Programs
13. Assessment
Concluding Thoughts
Other Resources

About The Editor

About This Book:

Gifted program coordinators, administrators, advocates


  • Gifted program coordinators, administrators:  practical resource for those parties interested in designing, developing, or changing programs for gifted students.


Contributing authors take the reader through the process of identifying the needs of gifted students, establishing goals and successive programs, and assessing the impact of such programs for the gifted.  Special consideration is given to the young gifted learner, elementary and middle school programs, and programs that meet specific curricular needs for gifted student. The identification and selection of teachers for such programs is also included. Examples of distinct learning opportunities that comprise a gifted program, such as math programs or programming for disadvantaged students are provided.  Many of the programming examples include strategies that incorporate parental, school-wide, and community involvement.  This book is a practical resource for those parties interested in designing and developing programs for gifted students.

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