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For Educators For Parents

Teacher’s Survival Guide: Gifted Education
Julia Link Roberts and Julia Roberts Boggess 

Practical information for beginning and early career teachers. Topics include: educators as talent developers,  preassessments, maximizing potential through social and emotional understanding, encourage creativity, and much more.


SALE PRICE  $14.95

Parenting Gifted Children
Jennifer L. Jolly, Donald J. Treffinger, Tracy F. Inman, Joan Franklin Smutny

Find the support and resources you need to help your child succeed in school and beyond.



Differentiation for Gifted Learners: Going Beyond the Basics
Diane Heacox and Richard Cash

Connects the learning differences among gifted students to specific teaching methods.   



Helping Gifted Children Soar: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers (2nd Ed)
Carol Strip Whitney with Gretchen Hirsch

A guidebook to help you navigate the important issues facing gifted children.



A Century of Contributions to Gifted Education, Illuminating Lives
Edited by Ann Robinson and Jennifer Jolly 

The conceptual history of the gifted education field  explored through examining the lives of Gifted Greats.



The Survival Guide for Gifted Kids, For Ages 10 & Under
Judy Galbraith

Based on 1,000 surveys of gifted children, it speaks directly to all gifted kids in a way they can appreciate.



Don’t just read about what the experts in the field. Hear what they have to say first-hand in the DVD’s listed below.

Conversations About Gifted Education

How did the leaders in the field become interested in gifted?  What do they believe have been the major catalysts that advanced the field and what do they expect to see in the future?


SALE PRICE $12.95 (1 DVD)

The Gifted Teen Survival Guide (4th Edition)
Judy Galbraith, Jim Delisle

Builds self-knowledge and provides strategies for navigating the teen years.



Portraits in Gifted Education

The Conceptual Foundation Network has recorded conversations with many of the most influential people in the gifted education field. Learn about their early years, the major influences in their lives and their theories about giftedness and gifted education. The six DVDs profile: Annemarie Roeper, Joe Renzulli, Jim Gallagher, Alexinia Baldwin, Don Treffinger, and Sandra Kaplan. .


SALE PRICE $47.95 (set of 6 DVDs)

Smart Girls: A New Psychology of Girls, Women, and Giftedness
Barbara A. Kerr

Help your daughters find the confidence and develop the skills to succeed and be themselves.


SALE PRICE  $17.95


FAQ Brochures

Check out this set of 13 brochures on questions parents ask about the education and nurturing of advanced students. Title include: "Why Type of Program is Best for Gifted Learners?," "My Child May Have ADHD, What Should I Do?," "What Should I Know About Bright Preschool Children?"

$6.95 set

SALE PRICE $4.95 set


The Best Competitions for Talented Kids: Win Scholarships, Big Prize Money, and Recognition
Frances A. Karnes, Tracy L. RIley

An NAGC member favorite.


SALE PRICE  $14.95


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. . . I have no doubt that his successes came from the joint efforts of his gifted specialist and his Math/Science teacher who provided him endless support, love and encouragement.”—Erin Gribben, parent

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