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NAGC features a variety of resources that address specific issues, policies, and practices that impact the education of gifted and talented children. Discover more about standards in gifted education, myths about gifted students, social and emotional issues affecting gifted students, NAGC’s advocacy work, and other resources at your fingertips.

Gifted Education Practices

Classroom teachers are the primary agent for identifying and serving gifted and talented students in our nation's schools. Read about the research-based practices that have been shown to be effective with gifted and talented students.  Peruse the topics to expand your knowledge, enhance your teaching, and boost student learning.

Gifted by State

Program and service decisions for gifted and talented students are made at the state and local levels. In the absence of federal minimum standards, there is wide variability between states, and in many cases, an even wider unevenness between districts in the same state. We've compiled state-by-state information on policy and practices in gifted education as well as the contacts in the network of state gifted education associations and state education agencies. 

Resources for Specific Audiences

NAGC encourages visitors to browse all the sections of the website, but we're here to help you navigate with these specific audience pages. 

NAGC Publications

NAGC offers several publications for parents and educators. Stay tuned in to the latest research, issues and general happenings within the community. Find a subscription that fits your needs.

NAGC Online Store

The NAGC Online Store store offers the best selection of books and other materials for parents, teachers, and administrators who help gifted and talented students to reach their full potential.