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August's Corner 2012

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Brit Wit for the End of Summer

The countdown has begun. A summer breeze seemed to pick up June and July and take them  away. Thoughts of the students who will magically appear in a few weeks have seeped into my  mind, and before long, we will all be “back to school.” In response to this change in focus, NAGC posted a new 2012-2013 Back to School Toolkit! Check for access to this wealth of audience-specific resources.

I had the opportunity this summer to travel to two gifted and talented conferences, Confratute, at the University of Connecticut and Edufest, on the campus of Boise State in Idaho. In conversations and discussions I listened to educators from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and situations.  I am now consolidating my materials and plan on sharing some of the “best of the best” with you in the future. It was during the final keynote in Boise that I was reminded of a wonderful short video produced by the Maryland State Department of Education. A group of students dramatized the top ten myths in gifted education. If you have not seen it yet, please take a moment to check it out. 

While I sat there admiring the work of these creative students I recalled a spoof of a Monty Python skit I wrote in response to the possible elimination of the Javits Act, which has since been eliminated. Although I have shared it with a few individuals, it has been sitting in a folder on my desktop for a few years. The myths video along with several conversations about what the field of gifted and talented has done for general education have spurred me to share the short piece with you. Even if you are not familiar with Monty Python or the feature film Life of Brian, I believe you will enjoy it. Perhaps there is someone out there who would like to take the script and film it with their students. I think it would make a great comedic short. Enjoy!

Click here for a PDF of the script and a glossary of terms used.

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