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NAGC’s Board of Directors has made a commitment to creating an open environment that provides increased opportunities for participation.  With that in mind, we seek to conduct an open call for interested and qualified individuals to contribute to the future growth and success of NAGC.

Here’s your opportunity to share your expertise and experience! NAGC’s committees and task forces accomplish important work in many content areas. As a committee member, you will devote time, energy, and ideas to lead NAGC projects and programs forward, and in turn, lead the field in supporting wide-ranging efforts on behalf of gifted children. You would be appointed to a one-, two-, or three-year term.

The Leadership Development Committee will consider a set of criteria that include your personal qualifications and knowledge of gifted education, experience working with other organizations, and expertise related directly to the committee for which you indicate interest.  Committee Surveys will be available in June when the Board of Director and Network Chair-elect elections begin. There will be an announcement in Compass Points when the survey is available.  All committee members must be current members of NAGC, and may not serve concurrently on more than two committees or task forces of the organization. The Leadership Development Committee reviews all applications and make recommendations to the NAGC President for committee appointments. 

NAGC's Organization Committees
Committee Charges 

Awards Committee: Reviews annual nominations, evaluates them according to approved criteria, and selects award recipients.
Development and Fundraising Committee: Works to build the case for financial support to advance NAGC’s initiatives, including a national fundraising effort and the Javits-Frasier Teacher Scholarship Program.
Diversity/Equity Committee: Works to create and overall diversity strategy for NAGC and to raise awareness of the presence of giftedness in diverse, underserved populations.
Education Committee: Advises and monitors NAGC’s educational outreach and professional development opportunities.
Graduate Student Committee: Recruits graduate students in gifted education to membership in NAGC.
Leadership Development Committee: Identifies, recruits, and develops leaders for all aspects of the organization.
Legislative and Advocacy Committee: Serves as the association’s link with federal legislators, policy makers, and governmental agencies.
Parent Editorial and Content Advisory Board:  Works closely with the Manager of Parent Services and Communications and other national office staff to ensure the timely production of Parenting for High Potential. Also works to develop and implement effective means for engaging parents and caregivers of gifted children with the Manager of Parent Services and Communications.
Professional Standards Committee: Develops expertise in the NAGC-CEC teacher preparation standards, the Pre-K-12 programming standards, and assists the NAGC National Office in handling inquiries from states and universities generated through CAEP
Publications Committee: Oversees the NAGC publications development process to ensure quality and relevance.
Teaching for High Potential (THP) Editorial Advisory Board: Works closely with the THP Editor and National Office to ensure the timely production of a high-quality, research based publication relevant to the needs of classroom teachers, resource specialists, and coordinators.