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Research Support for the P-12 Programming Standards

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Research Support for the Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards

The field of gifted education has evolved since the original gifted program standards were developed in 1998.  The 2010 standards include only evidence-based practices that support the corresponding student outcomes.  This support falls into three categories:  (a) research-based, (b) practice-based, and (c) literature-based.

Research-based studies provide the most compelling evidence and are peer-reviewed, use qualitative or quantitative methodologies to address questions of cause and effect, and have been independently replicated and found to be effective. Practice-based strategies are practices that have been used widely with success, so there is a professional assumption that the practice is effective.  Practice-based studies also include strategies that classroom teachers use and validate through some degree of action research.  Literature-based studies are those that are based on theories or philosophical reasoning.

Click here for the research citations for the evidence-based practices in each of the standard areas

Click here for the research references 

Click here for the glossary of terms used in the standards

How do the programming standards relate to other professional standards?

The 2010 programming standards adhere very closely to the language in the NAGC-CEC/TAG Teacher Preparation Standards and the 1998 Gifted Program Standards and integrate the two sets of standards within evidence-based practices. The 2010 Programming Standards include areas from the NAGC-CEC/TAG teacher preparation standards that were minimally addressed or were omitted in the 1998 Gifted Program Standards such as language and communication, learning environments and social interaction, diversity, collaboration between gifted education and special education, and ongoing assessment.  Moreover, the 2010 programming standards retain criteria that were not addressed in the NAGC-CEC/TAG teacher preparation standards such as program evaluation and professional development .

Click here for tables illustrating the relationship and alignment among the 2010 Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards, the 1998 Gifted Program Standards, and the NAGC-CEC/TAG Teacher Preparation Standards

Click here for a copy of the 1998 Gifted Program Standards 

Click here for the NAGC-CEC/TAG Teacher Preparation Standards 


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