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In Our Own Words cont'd (page 3)

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Gifted School by Brian, Arizona, Age 12

You want to know what I like best about my gifted school? 
Well, everybody’s got a sense of humor!

First Day by Linda, Arizona, Parent of Brian 

At the end of his first day at a new school where he was placed in a comprehensive gifted classroom for the
whole day, my ten-year son came running from the bust stop shouting,
“MOM! MOM! You are going to LOVE this school! They are NEVER going to call you and complain about me!! 
I’m NOT the bossiest kid there – you should meed Nick!  I’m not the loudest or the rudest!  I’m not even the
most annoying…well, maybe I’m still the most annoying

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Finding Me, Breaking Free by Pat Eisemann, Manalapan, New Jersey, Teacher

Once I felt wrapped in my safe class cocoon,
Knowing the answers - September to June.

But now I'm aware of more outside that world.
I want to hatch out, feel my wings unfurl.

Surely there must be more creatures like me.
I yearn to be with them, share visions, break free.

Of the fibers that trap me in my little cocoon
Which keep me from reaching the proverbial moon.

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No Acceleration, by Karen, Parent

No Acceleration 
Student                                                                             Administrator
"..but it says in my GIEP that I can compact               "We'd rather you didn't."
the curriculum, skipping the sections I
already know."

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by Sam, Kansas, Age 14

What did I do wrong?
I remember becoming this way.
The world was smaller then, and the people
Asked me to learn, be smart, be good.
“Grow up, little boy, Be the best you can be.”
And I obeyed.
I grew tall.
Studied hard.
Tried to be the best I could.
And they told me, “Good work,
A-plus, keep going.”
And so I did.
But the world grew too.
And it changed.
Now the people were angry.
Now they only asked questions.
“Why do you talk so funny?”
“Why are you so smart?”
“What’s wrong with you?”
And for once, I wasn’t the one
With all the answers.
So they gave me a new name.
I fled, into the pages of Tolkien and Dickens,
Into the halls to the library
And the recesses of the classroom,
Further and further away.

 The voices still pound inside me.
Go ahead. Act like the others. Fit in.
No, you can’t. The others are dumb. You can’t be dumb.
Why won’t they listen to me?
Who needs them? You don’t really care about them.
But I do. I’m tired of pretending.
Tired of lying,
Tired of hiding,
Trying to be friends.
I can’t run forever.
But neither can they.
Someday I’ll meet them
Face to face,
Doctor to car salesman,
Chemist to janitor.
I will win in the end.

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