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Limericks by Nancy Karsner, Voorhees, New Jersey, Teacher
"The following limericks are based on my own childhood experiences and the childhood experiences of some of my young classmates. We did not have any programming for gifted students in our elementary school and these were some of the unfortunate outcomes as we were used as tutors and paper graders instead of allowing us to learn more and explore."

There once was a girl who could soar.
Couldn’t wait to see what was in store.
With no program in place
She gave in to the pace
And accepted that school was a bore.

Smart Linda wanted to learn.
But soon realized it “wasn’t her turn.”
Some kids couldn’t read
They were the ones with the “need”
More knowledge she continued to yearn.

There was a small child named Sue.
She imagined things that were fancy and new.
Teachers made her teach Steven
Until things became even,
‘Cause new lessons for her were so few.

“Challenge me” she begged and she pleaded.
“You’re already smart!” they all bleated.
“But, I want to know more!”
“Just go wait by the door”
So high school she never completed.

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Mr. Gahan Schanck, teacher in a Program for the Exceptionally Gifted in New Jersey, sent in many poems written by his students of why PEG is such a great program.  Below is just one.  To read them all, click here. 

by Sukriti, Age 8

What does gifted mean to you?
Well, it means a lot to me.
Here's what:
challenging questions and more
hard quests.
Let's see what else I know?
hours of fun
never get bored
work gets done on time.
My teacher works hard....
and so do I.
I love PEG





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It Can Support Itself
by Megan, New Jersey, Age 11

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