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Balloon 250 

As part of our advocacy efforts, we wanted to share the good and negative experiences of gifted children in the classroom.  Drawings and poems quickly and effectively relate our members' and their children's experiences better than any lengthy narrative can.  We hope that gifted advocates will feel free to use the poems and images in their own advocacy efforts.  Please contact us if you are intersted in using any of these submissions.  We would like to receive more of your poems and drawings about being gifted in the classroom.  Click here for more information.

Gifted Class on Monday by Connie Dow, Missouri, Teacher

My lesson plan says:
 Japanese Culture
 Graphic Organizer
 Power Point Presentation

Their voices say:
  Be a Shogun Warrior
  Have a Tea Ceremony
  Stage a Sword Fight
  Write a Play

They’re taking over my classroom!
          it’s for the best……

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Ms. Dow's 2007/2008 class wrote what being gifted felt like to them. Read their poems here. 

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A True Story  by Gabrielle (Gabby), Pennsylvania, Age 12

Gabby's Story

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  Teaching the Gifted in the Regular Classroom (AKA "Avoidance") by Karen, Parent of Gabby

500 A true Story 



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