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District and school leaders plan for educational opportunities, and corresponding teacher education, that respond to the learning needs of all their students.  However, not all schools and districts offer services for high-ability students, Toolbox-regularor have leaders and teachers with backgrounds in gifted and talented education. 

Because of the increasing number of requests for information for administrators about high-ability and high-potential learners, NAGC convened a task force of administrators to develop concise videos, fact sheets, and supporting documents  -- tools that district leaders can use as briefing materials and as the starting point to advocate for and implement services for gifted students.

The materials in the toolbox address:

  • the rationale for gifted education services
  • the critical elements of gifted education programming
  • accountability for gifted student learning, and
  • the connection between gifted education and other district and school initiatives such as 21st century skills and Response to Intervention

We invite you to explore and view the 5 to 7-minute videos (click on the toolbox icon  ATB ) as well as download and share the factsheets and other materials with principals, teachers, superintendents, and other leaders in the district.  Click here for the Quick Guide, all the factsheets in a single .pdf document.



Toolbox Contents 



Rationale for Gifted Education 
       5-minute video ATB 

video screenshot



  Basics of Gifted Education 
      7-minute video ATB 

     Critical Content of Gifted Education Factsheet (pdf)


  Accountability for All Student Learning 
       6-minute video ATB 

  Accountability for All Student Learning Factsheet (pdf)


  Connecting Gifted Ed to Other School Practices 
       6-minute video ATB 


Members of the NAGC Administrator Task Force


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